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Here you find interesting sites about The APLACOPHORA consisting of about 250 living species (perhaps more, as they are relatively poorly studied!)
Freshwater Snails.... Terrestrial Snails / Slugs...
Websites Specific to the GASTROPODA is by far the most successful class of all the molluscs, with at least 60,000 living species.

The MONOPLACOPHORA are mostly are known by their fossil records; however, there are about a dozen living species today.

Freshwater.... Marine...
Two sections of freshwater and marine BIVALVA, or PELECYPODA these comprise of about 10,000 living species!

The SCAPHOPODA comprise about 350 living species. Commonly known as "tusk shells"!

The POLYPLACOPHORA contain about 900 living species and are commonly known as chitons.
Commercial Dealers
By Country... Fossils... Shell Art...
Commercial links to sites for buying and selling shells, pearls, fossils etc.
Cuttlefish... Myths And Hoaxes...
Octopus... Squid...

The CEPHALOPODA contain about 600 to 650 living species.
Everything related activity contected to seashells from crafting to pets...
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