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This site is an informative and well-documented site mainly on the subject of molluscs! the research depth is well beyond most sites on the Internet on this subject, indeed the BBC have documented this site and linked from the BBC itself:

The site is owned and operated by Avril Bourquin, which initially like all good sites started out as a hobby in 1998, The site has grown organically and has developed over the years into a wonderful resource for beginners in this subject as well as a foundation for teachers and educators to work from, scientific sites recognise this resource as invaluable for instance the superb write up from:

Any Funds received from any advertising on this site is ploughed back in to the work behind it, from the simple hosting of the site itself to the provision of learning kits for schools so to all our sponsors that continue to support us thankyou, This site is designed for a family audience with no adult related sites allowed!

We hope you enjoy and support all our hard work.

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