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East Asia And Pacific Ocean Islands

Last Update: Thursday, March 18, 2010 At: 4:42:8 (Total Listings: 5)
Conch Paradise
"Home to the finest seashell specimens of the Paradise Philippines - a testament to the beauty and splendor of our 7,107 islands..."
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Abba John
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Hawai`I Coral Reef Network
" Officially entitled "Inventory Catalogue of Hawaii's Coral Reefs" the Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative Computer Interactive Bibliography (HCRIB) is a project of the Hawaii Wildlife Fund (Principal Investigators, Carl J. Berg and Hannah J. Barnard) in collaboration with AECOS, Inc. (Eric B. Guinther, Joann Fisher, and Hilary Maybaum). This project has been supported by a grant from NOAA U. S. Coral Reef Initiative program, administered by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. ..."

Last 7 Days!
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HBS Malacology Databases
Hawaii Biological Survey (HBS) Information about the Hawaii Biological Survey, including available databases, staff and program information, etc. The mollusc databases on this site have been developed for the web by Gordon Nishida, Neal Evenhuis and Jeffrey Sue.
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Taiwan Malacological Data Base
Taiwan Malacological Data Base Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica
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